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BAYO.S is a European company based in Prague. Together with its subsidiaries and partner companies, it operates in Europe, North and South America and Asia.
 Our experts have many years of experience in the field of foundation solutions based on ground screw technology.
Our company focuses on providing foundation solutions for every type of soil condition: From standard soil, with easy installation, through low density, muddy terrain, where a special type of propeller screw is necessary, to hard, rocky terrain where predrilling technology is required. As well as ground screws, we are able to provide rammed post foundations if clients prefer this technology and the soil conditions allow for it.



We are focused on producing a complete solution for our clients. We have developed a full range of ground screws, installation machines and hand-installation tools. Having development a full range of Ground Screw products, installations machines and load testing equipment, BAYO.S customers have access to turn key foundation solutions.

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